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I have run two blogs so far, the first on sex and the second on veganism. I love the humouroushyperactive, conversational potential in blogging, but I'm only interested in having these conversations in view of things bigger than my own day-to-day.

In September 2016, I went from eating steak and oysters once a week to being a vegan, with no veggie period in between. By the time January came around I was just getting the hang of the diet, with many a blunder under my belt, so I wrote a Veganuary advice blog to help other newbies, recounting my feckless antics in the hope of saving people time, giving laughs along with reassurance. Click here for the blog's home page.

The Swearbox

I am devastated to report that all of Varsity's 'VICE' history was wiped from the internet, and this included 'The Swearbox'. It must have happened very recently, as only a few months ago a friend of my mother's was complimenting her on having raised a child who can speak so earnestly about anal. The term-long weekly blog came about when I was asked to write something "feminist/LGBT" for the paper; having no desire to conflate the two terms and preach to the converted in a corner, I gave sex advice aimed at straight male students, enthusing and guiding on giving women pleasure and on sexual communication in general. It was a strive towards equality in an area that made sense when writing to stressed young academics.

If anybody were to be interested, I can provide examples of my straight/purely serious journalism, which, as with blogging, I'd like to do more of when the cause and time are right.

Vegan Parma-Violet Ice-cream. Photograph by Emily Hodge.

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