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I make bespoke paintings, sculpture and poetry, often commissioned as gifts or as personal investments to mark significant moments.

Video of oil painting for Jamie ‘Taylor Street to Goddard Place'

Listen to the voiceover for the story behind the art.

How it Works

We begin with a conversation, including some pointers on favourite colours, style and media, but also exploring stories, ideas and sentiments.


From everything you share with me, I hook into the moments that excite me the most, connecting details where ideas are sparked and they become greater than the sum of their parts.

One of the most special elements of my commissions are the personal videos I edit together, complete with voiceovers addressed to the receiver of the piece, explaining the meanings behind the work.

My other commission videos are currently not public as they are surprise Christmas gifts, but if you would like to commission me right away then contact me and I will send you private links to the videos.

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