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Intimacy Tour / 'Delusions of Grandma' Shorts

I am currently making and sharing 7 short films while touring the UK and Ireland with the support of Arts Council England. My tour includes 7 sites of personal/family significance, for developing both writing and visual art, while also hosting workshops.

The films are all being shot, edited and shared in less that 12-hours' total work, in order to break a cycle of stunted perfectionism. On Instagram I have posted updates including film festival selections and an award win. I hope you enjoy...

ACE Margate_ Corotos.jpg

1. Margate: 'COROTOS' [4:32] - watch now

my grave low res still.png

3. Glasgow: 'My Grave is Your Grave'[5:20] - watch now

ACE Merthyr.jpg

2. Merthyr: 'NASA, Merthyr Tydfil' - watch now


4. Cardiff: 'Round the Houses' [still image]

5. Grantham/Newport: 'Selfie as Irish Catholic' [still image]

Killing Cesar Jentley [in development]

This is a 30-min film in development (fitting into a cycle of chapters that make-up a performance-art feature-length), exploring love, loneliness and gender fluidity. Plotted/scripted comedy is combined with unscripted, highly vulnerable footage, and visually delicious experiments.


Kit Masc 2.jpg
F-Kit 1 KCJ.jpg
PPGH3: 007Cesar pic 7.jpg

Dic Pic [12mins; 2019]

Dic Pic is being screened at The Turner Contemporary Margate for 'The Open', from now until February 2022.


The film has previously been screened at the Montreal Feminist Film Festival, Brighton Film Pride, Shorts on Tap London in conjunction with TimeOut, the Toronto Alt Film Festival, A Symposium on the Body at the Regent Street Cinema, and in exhibition context at Queer Art(ists) Now, London.

It is a vigorous, humourous and tender self-portrait exploring gender/transnarrative, the work of the artist, and the radical act of liking yourself.


Queer Film Curation with Birds Eye View Film

I was recently asked to create a queer film curation from Mark Cousins' epic docuementary 'Women Make Film' with Birds Eye View Film, supported by the BFI.


Click here for my queer film list & vid in discussion with Oscar-winning producer and director, Mia Bays.