Killing Cesar Jentley [in production]

This is my first feature-length film, exploring love, loneliness and gender fluidity. Plotted/scripted comedy is combined with unscripted, highly vulnerable footage, and visually delicious experiments.


Cesar Jentley is my cis male alterego who I have been performing, as a drag king, for the past 8 years. In this film I attempt to kill Cesar off, in order to explore a more authentic identity as a trans man and non-binary person, moving beyond the safety of drag, which is widely accepted as entertainment by many who are less welcoming to trans people. 


Cesar will survive several assassinations and a natural death attempt, emerge as the priest at his own funeral, and in my bid to erase him by skipping death and imagining his reincarnation, I will not only fail but also create another alter ego superstar, FEMINEM.

The chaos is to be resolved with collaboration - with diminishment rather than death of the ego, with acceptance of every aspect of myself. While the film will be an intensely intimate self-portrait, I am aiming to address this wider disconnect, between the fabulous art of drag and the everyday beauty of genderqueer life.

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Dic Pic [12mins; 2019]

Dic Pic is being screened at The Turner Contemporary Margate for 'The Open', from now until February 2022.


The film has previously been screened at the Montreal Feminist Film Festival, Brighton Film Pride, Shorts on Tap London in conjunction with TimeOut, the Toronto Alt Film Festival, A Symposium on the Body at the Regent Street Cinema, and in exhibition context at Queer Art(ists) Now, London.

It is a vigorous, humourous and tender self-portrait exploring gender/transnarrative, the work of the artist, and the radical act of liking yourself.


Queer Film Curation with Birds Eye View Film

I was recently asked to create a queer film curation from Mark Cousins' epic docuementary 'Women Make Film' with Birds Eye View Film, supported by the BFI.


Click here for my queer film list & vid in discussion with Oscar-winning producer and director, Mia Bays.