This fee covers materials, a studio-rent contribution, and my first hour of work. 


Sculpture, oil-on-canvas or acrylic-on-canvas                  £70


Oil or acrylic on canvas pad                                              £40


Ink or graphite on paper/card                                            £30


For large canvas or sculpture where materials exceed £40 to begin, the fee will be calculated to cover extra materials, with options quoted. 






After the first hour, we calculate by hours of making at £20 per hour.


I do not charge for the following:


Interview time, research time, studio set-up or clearing (the time necessary either side of making), and time and travel cost of sourcing materials.


I have devised this model to make these pieces as affordable as possible while also sustaining my studio practice.






This adds a few minutes for filming, here and there, to the making time, and then the 2minute video can take up to five hours to make, with uploading files, editing together, and writing, recording and editing a voiceover that is timed in sync with the visual reveals of the story and sentiment. 


I offer a fixed video fee of £50.


You must decide on this before I begin making, in order for me to take adequate footage. If you do not opt for a video I will provide you with still images (taken off the clock for my own records) and, of course, I will explain my artistic choices to you upon delivery of the piece. 






For sculpture or works on canvas, the absolute minimum I can work with is 3 hours, at £110. With these hours you could get something very simple and neatly finished, or something more detailed with a rougher finish. 


As examples,


Chaos, Peace, Bojack, Home  took 3.5 hours of making, so £120 plus the £50 video fee: a total of £170 for the A3 oil-on-canvas and video.


LEAP  took 10 hours of making, so £250 plus the £50 video fee: a total of £300 for the sculpture and video.


The more hours you are able to invest, the more I can explore, do sketches and tests, take time for corrections and refine your piece. If you want something with a high finish, I advise a minimum of 10 hours making time, or more for a large canvas. Acrylics are easier and faster to work with so may result in you getting more detail for your money, but oils give more lustrous colour that will not fade in time. 


The comparatively inexpensive option is ink or graphite on paper. This allows for experiments, ‘mistakes’ and development without incurring great cost.


For ink or graphite on paper, I can work with as little as 1 hour, so the basic fee of £30.


Again, this would be something very simple, though it could still be experimental. And again, the more hours you can invest, the more time I have to experiment, develop and refine, and/or make something more detailed.






I ask you for an ideal price, and an upper limit to provide some leeway.


I plan and work towards your ideal price; if I work beyond your upper limit then the price gets capped and the extra hours are free-of-charge.




NB     If you are interested in commissioning me just get in touch. I can chat you through              the above and answer any questions you may have.


           I aim to make the process fun, exciting, stress-free and ultimately very rewarding. A            commissioned piece of art is a precious investment, and for me, a joy to make.

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