Almost all of my art is for sale. If you see something you like, here or on Instagram, contact me for more info. 

Below are the four images that I have made limited edition prints of. Hope you enjoy.

‘Bathtime’ 2017


Limited Edition of 50 prints;

Comes with personal note from the artist to each buyer. 



‘Fillay de Bellay’ 2019

Limited Edition of 50 prints;

Comes with personal note from the artist to each buyer. 



This is a portrait of me and my partner, so you can see South American feet tucked under South American buttocks, with the Caucasian curved back, shoulders and arm reaching into the pubic mass/CRAZY SEX SQUIGGLE at the centre.

The words, quoted from Andrea, read

I wanna cook you in a STEW.

I wanna slice your cheeks off and eat you like CARPACCIO!

I want cut into your belly, get a nice fillet

     - fillet de belly

          FILLay fe BELLay!

   ‘Imagine I Could Play Piano’  &      'No But Really Imagine’  

Limited Edition of 50 pairs of prints;

Comes with personal note from the artist to each buyer. 

A2 x 2

£100 for the pair

This video shows me doing the initial sketch for ‘No But Really Imagine'

I was on a residency working in the same room as other artists, and the song ‘Cornerstone’ by Benjamin Clementine came on my shuffle. I hadnt heard it in such a long time, and I got pulled right in, imagining I was playing piano. One of the artists saw me - doing the initial sketch of ‘Imagine I could Play Piano’ - and asked if she could film whatever I did next.

I turned my page, restarted the track, and went further into my urge to play, finding all my frustration at not being able to have lessons as a child, and all my determination to do and learn in my adult life.

I spent hours very carefully working into the pencil and adding oil paints, so I particularly love these pieces for containing both my vigour and patience.

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