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For Sale


'It Settles the Blood'

40x40" oil on canvas

£950 or make me an offer.

No honestly, if you love it, just make me the 

offer you can afford. I want it to be enjoyed.

I only have one painting for sale at the moment, the last in my series of three responding to Gormley's 'Another Time' sculpture at Fulsam Rock. My paintings each take their titles from different lines of my poem about the sculpture, which you can read below.

This painting, 'It Settles the Blood', is the only one of the three to contain hands - a key feature in my work - connecting this final Margate piece to my wider practice going forward.


Another of my arms & hands pieces, 'Big Muscle', is currently in exhibition at the Turner Contemporary as part of the Turner Open.


Another Time at Fulsam Rock


I see I have reached my iron age

In the firmness with which he is out to drown

The calmness with which he lives again


It settles the blood

We are out to love

Another time

Another time

Another time

Gormley brown close-up.jpg
Paintings (and prints below)


The prints are taken from a close-up of the first painting in the series, 'Another Time, Another Time, Another Time', which now resides in Sweden with a beautiful Medieval Literature professor and her beloved, opera-singing partner. You didn't need to know that but it pleases me greatly.

'Another Time, Another Time, Another Time'

10x12" signed, ltd. ed. of 40 prints

£44 unframed

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I also sell small paintings and writing pieces on my Instagram sometimes.

I hope you enjoy having a gander.