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O hi there. This is an art sale.


Tiered-pricing is explained at the bottom of the page.

NB: If PayPal is failing, just contact me.




4x6" Framed, signed, ltd. ed. photographic print.
Includes access to filmed footage that will not be released on social media (too sexy innit).


I am interested in the strawberry as a fruit that can be erotic and yet retains its innocence.

I believe these two things can co-exist. 


For this piece I wanted to create a highly erotic image that contains nothing ‘explicit’, not even a nipple. And I wanted to create something with both phallic and yonic vigour.


'Another Time, Another Time, Another Time'

10x12" signed, ltd. ed. of 40 prints (unframed)

with my poem 'Another Time at Fulsam Rock'

13 still available at outset of this sale

I recommend Reflections Framers

on Northdown Road for good-quality

affordable frames and lovely service.


Another Time at Fulsam Rock


I see I have reached my iron age

In the firmness with which he is out to drown

The calmness with which he lives again


It settles the blood

We are out to love

Another time

Another time

Another time


'BITE ME' (strawberry)
Made in a day-long workshop with Kavel Rafferty, on my BRINK residency with Margate Pride 2022, there are 3 of these screen prints (they are each unique, not identical to one another) and the stencils that I made fell apart in the printing process so there can be no more. I am going to sign them in the full-stop, so you can take to a framer who will centre the image in the frame/mount. A frame/the glass will flatten for crisp finish with no ridges!


'dic pic'

Signed, ltd. ed. photographic print (mounted, unframed)
32x32cm (mount) here in a 34x34cm frame (outside edge to outside edge). Image is 8x8cm.

his piece featured in my first short film, 'Dic Pic', which has been 
screened at the Montreal Feminist Film Festival, Brighton Film Pride, Shorts on Tap London in conjunction with TimeOut, the Toronto Alt Film Festival, A Symposium on the Body at the Regent Street Cinema, and in exhibition context at Queer Art(ists) Now, London, and The Turner Contemporary, Margate.

The image is of mine and my partner's dicks on one of the velvet cushions from our couch. The couch was at the end of my bed when we met, and the dimensions/ratio of the image to the border mount replicates the cushion amid my white bedsheets. 

(left) This is the exact image of the 'dic pic' print, as it looks to the eye, and the mount is less yellow, more cream than it looks here. I'm having trouble capturing all of my work on these dim wintery days!


'smiling' self-portrait

This A5-ish (postcard-size) cyanotype print was made on the BRINK residency - I was taught the technique and assisted by El Chettleburgh (pic of us learning on the beach below) and there were 5 successful prints from a half-day's work; no two are identical, and I won't be making any more. 


Original Paintings & Drawings


8x12" oil on canvas pad

This self portrait is the only painting I kept from when I learnt how to use oil paints, in evening classes back in 2017. 


'It Settles the Blood'

40x40" oil on canvas

SOLD to Amber & Étienne

Gormley brown close-up.jpg
'tied up__together' close-up.jpg

'tied up//together'

60x80cm acrylic &graphite on cartridge (unframed)

This is my Lockdown piece - the swings are those in the park behind Bows Arts Studios in London. I became fixated on the swings as a symbol of the double-edged sword in Lockdown, of how we had the potential for greater intimacy, but also a lot of stress and strain put on our physically close relationships. And of course, the stopped play. I passed the park every day for months, and eventually, just before I moved out of London, I climbed over the locked gates to get the right photograph. So this is also my last London piece. 


'Welsh Dragon' + 'study for a dragon's wing'
Original drawings. 2 x A2 (59x42cm) red pencil on cartridge.
Price is for the pair. 


'Not Looking' single line self-portrait
Original drawing. A3 (42x30cm) graphite on canvas paper.


'Is that a rhino in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?'

Original drawing. A3 (42x30cm) graphite on canvas paper.
This is a self-portrait with new strap-on, actually drawn on the same day that I took the photograph 'smiling' which I used to make the blue cyanotype prints above. I often feel like the world wants queer artists to make LOUD queer work, to announce itself and helpfully tick a box. I like to allow quietness - quiet humour, quiet queerness, quiet confidence, sometimes. 


My Pricing System Explained...

I am trialling an exciting new income-tiered pricing system, to reflect equal investments of time 
and to give opportunity to lower-income workers to own and enjoy my art.

In other words, because a nurse does not get respected and rewarded by society as much as a business consultant,
I have a lower price for the nurse, directly relating to income ratio.

Higher-earners, please do not feel criticised - I do not hold you responsible for the system, and
I hugely respect your time. I respect everyone's time equally. 

With physical pieces of art starting from just £8 (plus £2 postage)
I hope there is something available for every one who likes the work.

As well as the time I've spent making each piece, my prices/investments consider costs of materials, studio rent, sketching/research/development, and time and cost of all technical elements including creation of prints, website and other softwares, production admin...

Please feel free to use your after-tax earnings when choosing your payment bracket, but please also consider ALL INCOME. For example, have you inherited a significant sum of money? Did someone buy you a house or part of a house? This is income.

Conversely, you may want to opt for a lower payment option than your actual income if you have dependants; for example if you are caring for a parent or raising children etc. I am trusting you to
be honest, to invest without being reckless.


NB: If PayPal is failing, just contact me.


And REMEMBER, if your income/lifestyle far exceeds £50k p/a, you are very welcome to CLICK HERE and make a top-up donation to my practice via PayPal.

In any case, every body who takes part in this sale will be noted and thanked in print at every opportunity (written publications, art exhibitions & social media posts)
during 2023/24.

Thank you so much!

Take care. X 

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