I wanted to address any friends, or friends-of-friends, who might be leaning right. So you’ve already got some exhaustingly heavy stuff being wielded at you: death of the planet, deaths of the poor and vulnerable (sped up by the death of the NHS), more of all that sort of thing.


I just want to be realistic.


You will vote for yourself, and that’s okay: the vast majority of people are voting for themselves, myself included at this stage in my life – all I want for Christmas is rent control, but ANYWAY


Realistically, we make decisions for ourselves based on two factors: fear and desire. The former gets prioritised, so in other words, our instincts as human animals are 


Survive first; flourish second.


If you are considering voting Tory then I will presume that you are already surviving, that you can afford to eat a good amount of food every day, and that you have shelter, perhaps even a shelter that you own outright and call home. 


So what does flourishing look like for you?


Perhaps it looks like MORE HOMES, a bigger home, more money, more holidays, more and nicer things? Essentially, lovely capitalism. No judgement. We all love nice things. 


But what are the other ways that you flourish, and what are the ways that you want to flourish?


Perhaps, after a hard day’s work, you want stellar entertainment with fresh ideas.

For that, your artists need to flourish along with you. 


Perhaps you want to watch a David Attenborough episode – see all that fascinating beauty – and afterwards be filled with a sense of hope, and even satisfaction or pride.

For that you need a government with a Green Plan.


Perhaps you want to walk down the street in your nicest clothes, without being afraid of attack or theft.

For that you need poverty to be tackled, not intensified. 


Perhaps you want interesting, nourishing relationships with people from different walks of life to you.

Weeeeell, I guess this one is especially for the artist-lovers... I’m not the only one who this year has started skipping the birthday parties, delaying the dinners, cancelling the coffees, mostly because we can’t afford them, and are too ashamed to admit that even though you’d buy us a beer.


And even if you don’t want to be close friends with us, lower earners are and will always be in your life, serving you coffees and pulling you pints; singing for you in the street and at festivals and gigs; cleaning your homes or being employed by you in any other way; being at your bedside, checking on you, when you’re admitted to hospital on the NHS. So privileged artists aside,


Perhaps you just want the people you interact with daily to be nice to you.

If you want health and happiness around you, you need to invest in it.


Voting Labour in this election doesn’t mean you have to vote Labour for life, or that you have to give up all your nice things. It might mean you can afford one or two fewer purchases after you pay your taxes, but it would certainly also mean living in a country that flourishes with you, for you. That could be pretty nice.

If you do want some heavy stuff to sway you, click here for a very good short vid. 

Whichever way you’re leaning,


Thanks for reading and all very best,


Kit. X

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